Beginning & Bheemeshwara

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  1. guru raj says:

    Hello sir we are planning to go for 4 days trip in august middle. we came to know to about dabbe falls. when searched in net i got your blog, it was very good.. Can you please how we can plan for 4 days for dabbe falls and near by places and also other information’s who can guide us there…

  2. Mridula says:

    You have been traveling quite a lot but you write very little :( but I guess that is because you travel so much :)

  3. Racquel says:

    looks like the Gang is having a great time! nice photos! especially the first one… =)

  4. ?????? ????? says:

    the wait was worth. waiting for the next part i,e the walk towards halgodu village.

  5. Srik says:

    For me, Bheemeshwara trek was quiet a tiresome exercise, for I was getting de-hydrated in qucik intervals. Hill was a bit steeper too, and the Sun right above the crown.. I took longer breaks to overcome it, but couldnt get off it until we reached the water fall. To my despair, water fall was a whisker away from getting dried, had to collect water in a bucket and bathe with a mug that was placed alongside….’Bheemeshwarakke bandroo muggeshwarana kaaTa taplilla’ anno thara. ;) But all these were washed away with the gaity of taming the shrew.

    Nice update… waiting for the rest :)

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