Biking around Jog falls

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  1. Vinod 3348 says:

    guys pls visit jog in rainy season nxt time & get beautiful pics of jog

  2. spa says:

    hey man be careful you are doing adventures… the one u r looking down by sleeping at the edge of the rock is awesome.


  3. ?????? ????? says:

    good end to the series..

    when the next one…i mean, your account of himvad gopalaswamy trip…

  4. Vijay says:

    Loved ALL the posts…

  5. December Stud says:

    Oh well, you guys are just making me jealous…..

    Godly!!! What more can I say….

  6. Srik says:

    Hey, there is no mention about the pranksters at IduvaNi, I mean Unnathi, Chukki and Arihanth…

    Oh! Lovely kids they are! Prachandaru!!

    Also, we had a good sight of peacocks in the paddy fields of Iduvani, just in front of the house we stayed. In fact, it were the screams of a lovely peacock that woke us up that day!

  7. Srik says:

    superb pictures. And thanks for the story. I was lazy to compile it myself, so was waiting for you to do it ;)

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