Dabbe falls

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  1. Anonymous says:

    can u imagine , when i went here with sampath, i cudnt see the falls in first attempt from the same place you took this snap, since it was pouring i thought; but in reality that falls was actually creating artificial rain on us due to wind and enormous amnt of water :) u shud visit this during rains simply r-o-a-r-ing falls it will b


  2. Sharavathi says:

    Hey guru prshanthanna,
    falls photo is just beauti…….full one. nice series
    SAMPATH :)

  3. Prashanth M says:

    Thanks for the comments – Shilpa, Srik, Aravind & RK.

    Tailors & photo studio – lol

  4. rk says:


    did you know that these 2 are doing a great job!

    loved the pic.(s)


  5. Aravind GJ says:

    Nice falls!!

  6. Srik says:

    Stunning picture!!

  7. shilpa/eon says:

    Beautiful falls. Waiting for your detailed report.

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