Photos from Devarayana Durga

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  1. Kruger Brent says:

    Wonderful pics..those are… I wanna visit there sometimes.

  2. Love to visit that place.The third picture looks like Stonehenge!!

  3. Web design London says:

    The first pic is heavenly. thanks for posting it.

  4. izzz says:

    great place to go.. quite close to bangalore.. i had a great time there..

  5. Kirankg says:

    1st snap is simply superb :)

  6. backpakker says:

    amazing pics..I went there but didnt take my camera and what an experience it was !

  7. Prabul says:

    Lovely snaps Pulsar-papa :)

  8. Kam says:

    Super snaps machan!

  9. Vivek says:

    the first pic is awesome. In what camera mode was it shot.

  10. DCM says:

    lo, did you edit the first one! looks amazin!

  11. empoweringall says:

    prashanth, your camera has better vision than human eyes! it has captured what an ordinary eye would not!

    and the rocks truly rock!

    happy photography in 2008! may you trek more and give us more photos that speak more than words!

  12. thejeshgn says:

    Beautiful pictures. I love sun bathing and early morning rays. Just amazing.

  13. Srik says:

    First one is majestic!

  14. ?????? ????? says:


    the first pic is heavenly. thanks for posting it. not many treks of late?

  15. shashikiran says:

    The picture on top is divine. Are the two chaps there on the rock your friends? Where did you shoot from? Are there more than one peak?

  16. Bit Hawk says:

    The first photograph looks simply out of this world!

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