Irpu Falls

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  1. Gowtham says:

    I love the waterfalls pictures – good ones :)


  2. Prashanth M says:

    @Kishan, Its approx 300KMs from B’lore. And yes you can visit with your family. A nice place to spend a weekend.

    @Pransesh Sir, dhanyavaadagalu.

    @Srik, blame my forgetfulness :P

  3. Srik says:

    u knw what That day at NICE-Mysore Road junction I came first at 4AM! JHOOTA!! You all came after some solid 15 minutes of rainy drill for me.

    And yeah I missed the rest of the journey. On my way back from Hunsur bereakfast, I stopped near Srirangapattana, just to sit besides Kaveri. It was good aswell.

  4. Kadalabal says:

    great Prashanth Irpu falls is really cool and nice place to visit. we had been there 2 years back and all memories back adre nim tharaha bike ride yella allappa nice photos as usual and all info is packed is a great source of information as kishan has put it and it helps those who want to visit a lot

  5. Kishan says:

    eshtu KM bangalore indha?
    Family/cousins jothege hogodhu recommended?
    By the way great source of informaton!

  6. Prashanth M says:

    @Rajesh, dhanyavaadagalu

    @Manasa & Perplexed, thanks for the visit & better luck next time :)

  7. perplexed says:

    irpu falls looks great i went to coorg last month and could not go there due to lack of time…. i so wish i hadn’t missed it!! ;)

  8. Manasa says:

    When I visited Coorg, Irpu falls was closed to the visitors due to heavy rains and couldn’t visit :(

  9. ?????? ????? says:

    great pics of irpu falls.

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