A ride to the West Coast

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  1. backpakker says:

    did u see the windmills ?


  2. Prashanth M says:

    Vijay, if interested you are most welcome to join us :)

    Srik, oh! yeah, I totally forgot to mention about the pilgrims…

    Not a problem Pranesh Sir…

  3. Kadalabal says:

    above comment was inadvertantly posted here instead of in the post on belur. PM please delete it here I am posting in there. thanks


  4. Kadalabal says:

    Belur Halebeedu are wonderful places to visit marvelours contribution by Hoysala kings. I had been there two times and never felt it was boring. great places. karnatka that way has wonderful places to visit all through the state. our govt to exploit the potential to tourism and suitable facilities to be created to make them traveller friendly.
    thanks for taking me back to olden days.
    srik thanks for further updates
    “Amara shilpi Jakanachari” first kannada film in colour flashed through memories. title may be little different jakana or jakanachari. a film which i saw may be 35 years back

  5. Srik says:

    You’ve not mentioned about the plans… we opened the map, and after so much deliberations and plans, decided upon Aagumbe, including Sringeri in the itinerary.

    The ride was wonderful, especially the one between Hassan and Belur, where we encountered hundreds of pilgrims to Dhwarmasthala, walking all the way from Bangalore, Mysore etc, to take part in Shivaratri festival at Dharmasthala. Nice commitment.

  6. Vijay says:

    Always jealous when I read your “escapades”….

    Keep up the travel :-)

  7. Prashanth M says:

    @Lakshmi, even for me too it’s becoming a familiar route. traveled four times in the last 4 months!

    @Rajesh, ??????????… April & May were sort of hell at work :(

  8. ?????? ????? says:

    at last some travel story to read….
    Between the desktop calendars of May and June…nothing to read. And thats a complaint I am lodging with Payaniga.

  9. backpakker says:

    a familiar route and familiar scenery

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