Yagachi Dam

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  1. K.M.K.Sharma says:

    nice to see. i am proud to say that i was one of the engineer associated with construction of yagachi dam

  2. Manjesh M C says:

    This is my lovely place yar…………..!!!!!!!!!

  3. ???????? Hamsanandi says:

    The google map is alright.

    The church at Shetty halli is in the backwaters of Hemavati dam at Gorur, near the confluence of Yagachi and Hemavati rivers.

    This dam, is on Yagachi, about 30-40 km upstream from Gorur dam.

  4. Prashanth M says:

    Thanks Srik :)

    Karthik, yes the same place.

    Shashikiran, yet to visit Shettihalli. Sent a mail asking for directions

    Lakshmi, same here. Yagachi is a nice place.

  5. backpakker says:

    I love the yagachi dam and do go to Shettihalli if you havent been there before..


  6. Shashikiran Mullur says:

    Hi Prashanth: I wonder if you rode through Shettihalli. You can see a half-drowned Church among the backwaters there.

  7. karthik says:

    Google map

    Is the route shown and place identifies correct ? Very nice place man

  8. Srik says:

    People go to Dharmasthala all the way to have darshan of God, but when they are about to that, they mess it all by shouting on their family members asing them to come fast, asking them to keep quiet(funnier), shouting on children for not prostrating before the God. And end up blaming the temple town for becoming more commercial! The point you have made is much in line with this. The people are peculiarly similar in pattern, wherever one goes.

    Wonderful log.

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