Images: Mysore Palace

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  1. Kidsowmya111 says:

    it was so awesome and super

  2. Neetu says:

    awesome place!!!!!!

  3. Thahnesenese says:

    The Night Sign is attractive and Beautiful.
    Nice work.

  4. Prashanth M says:

    @Srinidhi, though I’ve been to Mysore so many times. I never got a chance to be there during Dasara. It was worth the wait :)

    @Manasa, @Priyanka, @Veena thanks

    @Manohar dhanyavaadagaLu :)

  5. DCM says:

    ????? ??????? ???..

  6. Veena Shivanna says:

    Wonderful Pictures..

  7. Priyank says:

    Wow, beautiful pics. The palace literally glitters !

  8. Manasa says:

    woow.. lovely pics :) Where are the Dasara dolls? ;)

  9. Shrinidhi Hande says:

    We passed through Mysore palace during night while returning from Wayanad-couldn’t stop to take pictures though… It was looking magnificent…

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