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  1. Srik says:

    No updates…. what happened?

  2. Prashanth M says:

    Thanks Mridula. No, it was taken on a cloudy noon…

    @Vamsee, will be up soon :)

  3. Thejas D.N says:

    Hey Team,

    Was just gazing through this blog and found this interesting. Love to trek and see lots of places. I am an employee in MNC and a localite. Let me know if i could be intimated of any trekking schedules arganized in and around the city as i am an avid freak of adventure and trekking.

  4. Vamsee says:

    simple, yet beautiful. Where are the much promised blog posts about UK?

  5. Mridula says:

    Good capture Prashanth. Was this taken in the evening?

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