Fog filled Jog Falls

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  1. Jog falls has come alive in these pics…. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Superb pictures!!There seems to be a calmness residing in that place. The path amidst fog looks wonderful.

  3. Lovely pics and what a beautiful time of the day to explore Joga.

  4. Nethra Gopal says:

    wonderful, nature is god. keep it up.

  5. cyclopseven says:

    What a heavenly beauty. I yearn to be one with this place. Mesmerising. Can I borrow your last picture in this post for my blog. I’ll post it with some poetry. Permission granted? :)

  6. nice… long time since I last saw Joga in its full glory

  7. Anantanag says:

    Very nice, your clicks shows the beauty of Joga

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