Photos from Mandharagiri

Last time I was at Mandharagiri (popularly known as Basadi betta or Basti Betta), it was an overcast day. It looked as if the sky was ready to open up any time. But this time it was a clear blue sky with scattered clouds here and there. Sun was still mild, waking up from the previous day’s sleep. Reaching the place early in the morning was an added advantage for us. Sitting in the open space on top of the hillock, with winter breeze, staring at the countless number of small hills beyond the Maidala lake was refreshing. Read about the place and how to get there here.

PAYANIGA - Mandharagiri
Temple gopuras peeking above the walls

PAYANIGA - Mandharagiri
View from the top is a variety – small scattered hillocks everywhere, Maidala lake on the rear, busy NH4, railway lane running parallel to highway, fields, cattle..

PAYANIGA - Mandharagiri
A short climb of 20-30 mins takes us to the top of the hillock

PAYANIGA - Mandharagiri

PAYANIGA - Mandharagiri
Another small hillock hides behind a group of clouds

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  1. gowardhan says:

    this photographs are really excellent,,, you can edit your description about you as a amateur photographer,, You clicked this pics like a pro

  2. Nice place to spend time . Lovely pics .

  3. Should explore Tumkur properly next time…

  4. sandeep says:

    luved the clear blue sky and the white clouds. they make the photographs so beautiful

  5. Splendid shots and good write up.

  6. Ravi Maganti says:

    Beautiful photographs and an elegant writeup Payaniga.

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