London Glimpses: People

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  1. Mridula D says:

    I liked the waiting for someone most!

  2. Nice moments captured! The 1st one is brilliant. In the other ones, it seems that the face is out of focus. Is this on purpose? 

  3. Nisha says:

    Loved these private moments. “Black & white” ? uh uh …

  4. Cyclopseven says:

    Human being makes the most of the sciences and researches yet endless seems the study is. Wonderful.

  5. Shreyas says:

    Class! “Play time” is so cute.. :)

  6. I am a sucker for black and white portraits. Love those you got there thanks.

  7. sandeep says:

    lovely portraits …all of them. i guess i like ‘play time’ most :)

  8. Vasuki says:

    Amazing pics. “Posing for photographer” looks so similar to Keira Knightley (now dont tell me it is her!)

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