Free hugs, anyone?

PAYANIGA - Free hugs

I was in London last week after a long gap of 20 months (this time as a tourist taking my mom and wife around the places). On the very first day we landed in London, first place I took them was to one of my favorite locations in London – Trafalgar square. Being a Saturday and summer, the place was bustling. When we were making our way through the energetic crowd to find a place for us to sit, we bumped into a group of Free Hugs campaigners.

PAYANIGA - Free hugs

PAYANIGA - Free hugs

PAYANIGA - Free hugs

A group of 12-15 campaigners held up the placards inviting the passersby for a free hug. It was fun to watch people’s expressions and reactions (most of them being tourists). Old ladies were the most responsive ones. They almost ran towards a hugger when they saw the placard. Most of the elderly men with cigars just shrugged off their shoulders and looked at them suspiciously while walking past. Most of the girls usually in small groups went on giggling till they lost sight of these fellows, while some of them hesitantly agreed for a hug. Funniest set of people to watch were the couples. While the guy wanted a hug his girlfriend/partner would drag him out that place.

PAYANIGA - Free hugs

PAYANIGA - Free hugs

While I was trying to capture these wonderful bunch of people, this nice lady caught me clicking their photos. She demanded for a free hug and I had not choice but to oblige. :)

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  1. says:

    nice shot man

  2. R26n says:

    You are such a lucky man!

  3. Nisha says:

    Good. :)
    Here in Mumbai we also have a group but mostly hugs are given in the presence of police…. our law keepers. :)

  4. Prasanna SP says:

    What was your mom and wife’s reaction? ;-)

  5. Shivakumar Lakshminarayana says:


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