Chandragiri: Less known hillock of Shravanabelagola

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  1. Avalok says:

    There are a few more very interesting Basadis to visit. Akkana Basadi is within the town of Shravana Belagola and the beautiful Shantinatha Basadi is at Jinntapura just half a kilometre away from the town.

  2. Thanks also for all the detailed information…

  3. Thanks a ton for the tip. Will go there soon…

  4. desi Traveler says:

    Looks like an interesting place the pictures have come great….Most of us have heard of Lord Gommateshvara ( I even had a postage stamp of him), but I have never heard of this another hill. I always discover new places on Payaniga

    • Prashanth says:

      It is an interesting places. I’ve heard that apart from these two hillocks, there are quite a few places aroun S’belugola. Should spend some time in exploring them.

  5. informative post with nice photos

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