Cycling from Bhagamandala to Bekal Fort

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29 Responses

  1. Very good photographs. Cycling during monsoon is exciting. Moist, breezy, mild rain and fresh air.

  2. diwas says:

    Hi I m also planning one same trip. Help me itinerary.

  3. Syam says:

    Lovely clicks.

  4. A very interesting post. Nice shots too :)

  5. enidhi says:

    Good to know. I thought it is a long ride. Realized that Madikeri being close to Kerala it is under 100kms..


    • Prashanth says:

      Srinidhi, Kerala border is around 25-30KMs from Bhagamandala. And Bekal is around 80KMs.

      Since most part of the route is down hill & rolling terrain, it is a wonderful route for cycling :)

  6. Stunning pictures!!! Thank you

  7. Puru says:

    Did you go with the CAM guys ? I had made this trip 2 years back :)

  8. vivek788 says:

    nice clicks.. i too wish to go on this route :-)

  9. Anna Smith says:

    Very nice photographs..

  10. Rajesh Naik says:

    Lovely and scenic route. Photos tell a lot.

  11. Sujit says:

    Nice photographs…

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