Singapore: First Impressions

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  1. Eddie Bryna says:

    I’m originally from Singapore; now living in the U.S: Interestingly, the first time I visited London and stepped out of Heathrow, I said to myself, “hmmm… this looks like Singapore”… it was like I was “home”, even though I knew wasn’t. I guess the remnants of British colonialism lingers in the soul of the city-state.

  2. enidhi says:

    Sim card u can buy at airport itself

  3. shiny says:

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  4. Rajeev says:

    Been to singapore couple of times and you have captured the beauty of this place with your words, It was not a very congested place couple of years back, but it seems to be now.
    All in all its a must visit place, which is much safer for people belonging to all ages. There are no issues being reported by the women and this makes it even a better place to be.


  5. Ravi says:

    Good writeup…. Was expecting few pics as well along with this :)

  6. Srik says:

    First day I was there, I felt it was a part of the US! No wonder you feel it to be a part of UK..

    A few days into it, it became a part of India for me! Yes, another Chennai, or another Bangalore, with its friendly people, lovely parks, huge temples, crowded lanes, and the Musthafa mall!

    Around the Marina Bay sands, there is a monument for INA (Indian National Army of Subash Chandra Bose), I guess you did visit it in your lonely aimless sojourn there.

    Singapore is a place to live and experience, nothing for a tourist as such.


  7. Nisha says:

    Loved it!
    You said it so rightly. Weather is just like that. :P
    Clean city with no fuss. Buying SIM card should not have been difficult. I myself bought one from Bugis area where I was staying.

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