Along the river Tunga

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  1. shreya says:

    Awesome post. Just loved reading it. It seems u love to travel as I do as well. Very nice. Thank u for the share.

  2. Hey! Nice writeup. I’ve seen the Tunga during the monsoons a couple years back, I was reminded by your picture. It was bloated and completely brown.

    I had seen a board pointing to Gangamoola when I was riding through Kudremukha. I wanted to go but the road was full of stones and I was alone. But I was never able to find it on the map. It’d be great if you have a location marked up or a lat-long.

  3. priyanka says:

    Nice did you plan out the places or impromptu? I would love to just follow a river impromptu sometime.. though where to stay for the night would be a Q :)

  4. Beautiful. I have been thinking of visiting the Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary myself, but one only has so much time and money…

  5. Interesting account of the confluence of Tunga and Bhadra , i wish there was picture of the sangam

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