Mookana mane falls in Monsoon

Payaniga: Mookana mane falls in Monsoon

What was supposed to be a weekend trip to the canyons of Gandikota, the plan turned on its head and it turned out to be an impromptu trip towards Sakaleshpura. Day one was to visit Mookanamane falls (my first visit to this place was eight years ago) and Manjarabad fort near Sakaleshpur. Day two was kept aside to explore few Hoysala temples in the region. As we drove past Hassan towards Sakaleshpura, the wide four lane road narrowed down to two lanes. And we could see the drastic changes in the surroundings. The temperature dropped down, there was more green around and the scattered clouds that we saw earlier were more dense. The clouds appeared as if they gathered around to conspire against us with some heavy rain. We stopped at Sakaleshpura to pack lunch before we head out to the falls. While the food was getting packed, we couldn’t help loaded ourselves with second round of breakfast.

Payaniga: Mookana mane falls in Monsoon

We got lost on the way, but got treated to views like this

With full stomach, our day of exploration continued from Sakaleshpura. Rain decided give us company for almost entire day. After first few kilometers of smooth road, we hit long stretches of potholes filled road. Rain and the green around somewhat helped us not to complain about the bumpy ride ahead. Though I had the entire turn by turn route to the falls noted down during my previous visit 8 years ago, we decided to ask directions with locals. This turned out to be costly decision as we got lost and couple of hours as well. On the bright side, we got to drive around some lonely roads with lovely views.

Payaniga: Mookana mane falls in Monsoon Payaniga: Mookana mane falls in Monsoon

By the time we reached the Mookana mane falls cross, the rain increased. To reach the falls one has to walk down a jeep track for about half a kilometer. With umbrellas to our rescue, it was slightly an adventurous walk down to the falls on the slippery path. More adventure was waiting ahead as we reached the stream. Due to heavy rain, the falls was in its full glory – a complete different sight compared to my last visit which was in early summer. We were on top of the waterfalls and that too about 100 meters upstream. With trees, roots and rocks to our rescue, we managed to reach the top of the falls. After another bout of adventure, there we were – in front of the majestic falls. We had to shout to each other to talk since the water falling down was deafening.

Payaniga: Mookana mane falls in Monsoon Payaniga: Mookana mane falls in Monsoon

Despite the umbrellas we were completely wet, thanks to the rain, vapor and I also managed to slip & fall. We sat on the wet rocks enjoying the beauty of the nature and the glory of the waterfall. Post photo session we bid adieu to Mookanamane falls. Packed lunch was waiting for us as we got back to the car and within no time the food was gone. The lost time while reaching and extended stay at the falls meant our plan to visit ‘Manjarabad fort’ will have to wait for another day. And I’m going back there to the falls again for sure after the water recedes a bit to take a dip which I missed this time.

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  1. Arun says:

    This looks like a nice place to visit…. nicely captured… Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are so lucky to get such a view of the falls.. Nice write-up..

  3. Niranjan says:

    Nice to know about this wonderful falls.

  4. enidhi says:

    Interesting. Stream looks powerful enough

    • Prashanth says:

      Yes, it was too strong. Even stepping into the water without holding any rock or tree was dangerous. I was there last month again, water had come down a bit. But still it was not possible to take a dip.

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