Kabbaludurga: Second visit & more photos

Friday evening and I had no plans for the weekend. Just when I was running out of options on what to do, I got a message “I’m planning to Kabbaldurga again. Do you want to join?”. This was about 8-9 months after our adventure at Kabbalu Durga. I jumped in (who says no to a hike/trek!!) and another friend decided to join us. While the last visit was just at the beginning of the monsoon, this it time summer was approaching.

There were a lot of differences in the surroundings – the temple and another small shrine at the top had got a fresh coat of painting (we were there after the annual fair this time), a lot less greener and warmer than the last time. Most scary part was the quarrying at the foothill that was at full swing. A huge area of the rock had disappeared!

Here are some of the photos from both the first visit and the second one.

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  1. Hi Prashanth,

    However, landscape with thin misty sky backdrop looks enthralling. Who won’t love to hike through such land and that also with like-minded people? You have captured them nicely.


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