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Photos from Devarayana Durga 17

Photos from Devarayana Durga

Visited Devarayanadurga, one of the three Durgas of Tumukur district. Though plan was to reach the top before Sunrise, was bit late. But still an heavenly place, so near by.Soaking in early morning sun...

A Sprint to Gopalaswamy Betta 20

A Sprint to Gopalaswamy Betta

Mid June. Clear Sky, with scattered clouds. Rains were due in this part of the country. And we decided to pay a visit to Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta (Betta in KAnnada means ‘Hill’). Four of...

Digest: Bike trip to Goa 2006 2

Digest: Bike trip to Goa 2006

Goa revisited, this time in a car. Till I come up with detailed log, here are links to my previous trip log. The Plan & preparation Highlights & Route details of the trip Day...

A short ride to Kambadahalli 7

A short ride to Kambadahalli

Saturday was gone. I didn’t want Sunday to go wasted like the previous day. Stuffed my camera to my bag, on the steeds and started towards Kambadahalli, a little known Jain pilgrimage around 140...

Statue atop a pillar 2

Statue atop a pillar

It’s been a long time since I updated Payniga. And it’s high time for me to shed the laziness and write. Above photo was taken during my short ride to Kambadahalli in May.