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Digest: Bike trip to Goa 2006 2

Digest: Bike trip to Goa 2006

Goa revisited, this time in a car. Till I come up with detailed log, here are links to my previous trip log. The Plan & preparation Highlights & Route details of the trip Day...

Theme Blue 2

Theme Blue

Another round-up of photos – theme blue. Captured during different treks & travels A kite just out of the frame – at Manchanabele dam, near Bangalore. Banasura dam, in Wayanad, Kerala. Mountains, during trek...

A short ride to Kambadahalli 7

A short ride to Kambadahalli

Saturday was gone. I didn’t want Sunday to go wasted like the previous day. Stuffed my camera to my bag, on the steeds and started towards Kambadahalli, a little known Jain pilgrimage around 140...

Statue atop a pillar 2

Statue atop a pillar

It’s been a long time since I updated Payniga. And it’s high time for me to shed the laziness and write. Above photo was taken during my short ride to Kambadahalli in May.

Missed chances & Pending tasks 5

Missed chances & Pending tasks

It’s been completely busy days for the past two months. Heavy work load at office and weekends getting occupied with other high priority tasks. I had planned for two ride plans in May, but...

Biking around Jog falls 7

Biking around Jog falls

We were tired. Trek of 25KMs in two days. Just when we were about to call it a day, Bharath (my sister-in-law’s brother) asked whether we want join him to the nearby temple. We...