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Kuduremukha: Somavathi falls 6

Kuduremukha: Somavathi falls

<< Prev | Beginning of the trek | Next >> Somavathi falls is a very small but dangerous waterfall near Mullodi village. The falls is not more than 8 or 10ft height but very...

Mallalli falls 4

Mallalli falls

There now – And gone next moment, hidden by the mist – Place: Mallalli falls, Kumaradhara river, around 30 KMs from Somawarapet and approximately 275 KMs from Bangalore.

Falling in love with Waterfalls 7

Falling in love with Waterfalls

Best thing to beat the heat in summer, is to just sit under a waterfall. This summer I got chance to visit & sit under 5 falls in a span of two months and...

Biking around Jog falls 7

Biking around Jog falls

We were tired. Trek of 25KMs in two days. Just when we were about to call it a day, Bharath (my sister-in-law’s brother) asked whether we want join him to the nearby temple. We...

A dip in Dabbe falls 8

A dip in Dabbe falls

Beginning of the story – Beginning & Bheemeshwara By the time we reached Dabbe mane (Dabbe house), all of us were exhausted, completely drenched with sweat. All we wanted was to just sit under...

Halgodu to Dabbe mane 3

Halgodu to Dabbe mane

Beginning of the story – Beginning & Bheemeshwara Sunrise at HalgoduThe day at Halgodu village started at 6 in the morning. I finished my daily morning chores quickly and went for a short walk...