Desktop Calendar: February 2012

Desktop Calendar: February 2012

Despite spending two winters in UK, the snow eluded me. When I landed in UK for the first time, it had cleared out a week before. And the second winter, it started within hours my flight took off from the Heathrow airport. When the time came to land in Aberdeen on the third winter, it was action reply of first visit – no sign of snow again and I had to wait for another winter. With numerous number of warnings/stories about the previous winter which went as low as 16 degrees below zero, I waited eagerly to face the sub zero days and the snow. But alas, snow eluded me again – except for just a day when it snowed in December. We were woken up to a white day, but only to melt off quickly in next two days.

Background image: A white winter morning at Aberdeen as seen from the living room window.
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One thought on “Desktop Calendar: February 2012

  • February 3, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    what a lovely calender. … thanks 
    i have placed it in my desktop ..


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