Future Smart Trucks: Features I would like to see

While growing up during school days, Trucks and Tanker lorries always demanded our undivided attention. Most of our time while cycling between home and school was spent looking at those monstrous vehicles zooming past us on a downhill. An equal amount of time was spent cycling past the struggling truck going uphill and mock the driver on our cycles. The technology in the automobile industry has grown leaps and bounds since I lost interest at those big trucks. But compared to advancement of cars and other smaller vehicles, most of the trucks remain the same with very little improvement. Here are some of the features I would like to see in the trucks on our roads –

  • Power boost: One of the major nuisance when I go out-of-town on drives is that one heavily loaded truck trying to overtake an equally loaded truck. One plying at 30KMPH speed on the left lane and the overtaking one crying its lungs out at 40KMPH – both the trucks occupying the entire road. If there is present a turbo boost with more power to help overtake the other truck easily, that makes commuting much easier. Though the power boost might consume some additional fuel, it helps not to block the road for other faster moving vehicles.
  • Better braking system: One common sight on the Indian roads is the skid marks all along the roads – some crisscrossing across lanes, many going a long way. As the load being carried goes up, the handling of the vehicles more difficult. With an advanced braking system, the trucks bring in more safety to the road and instill confidence in drivers.
  • Easy maneuvering: While overtaking on the highways is one issue, bring those trucks to narrow roads – that creates a big havoc in the neighborhood. Just couple of weeks ago a truck entered our street to unload construction materials for a house being constructed. Despite more than three guys helping the driver to take a sharp turn, it took more than 20 minutes for that plus it did break one of the indicators of a parked car. A smart truck with easy maneuvering makes everyone’s life less stressful. BTW check the cool video below how the driver takes a U-turn in a narrow road.
  • Cameras and Sensors: Speaking about narrow roads and easy maneuvering, having cameras and sensors is an added advantage. When there is no one to help the driver to take sharp turns, the cameras and sensors come in handy. Add a camera in the rear and at least four sensors in four corners to warn the drivers of any near by objects is much-needed.
  • Cabin with more features: In India, truck drivers go on long drives taking the cargos for weeks together. Drivers live rough during this period – cooking food in makeshift tents, sleeping in the uncomfortable cabin. A cabin with more comfort for them to rest will make their journeys more comfortable. Add in a pull out bed and additional drawers to store cooking utensils & groceries – they can almost feel home with a neatly arranged kitchen.

I’m writing this blog post for the MTBD #FuelSmartActivity at BlogAdda. And the featured image used for this post is by Erich Ferdinand.

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