Trekking in Sharavathi valley 7

Trekking in Sharavathi valley

Back from an adventurous 3 day trekking in Sharavathi valley (Western gahts). Around 30 KMs of trek.Three dips in three different water falls on three differnet days.Walking through dense forests of Western ghats.Getting addicted...

Skandagiri: More details

Skandagiri: More details

Ever since I about our bike ride & trek to Skandagiri (aka Kalavaarahalli betta), I’m getting lot of mails asking for more details, authenticity of those cloud view. A sFew people even called me...

A day in the unknown neighbourhood 8

A day in the unknown neighbourhood

Saturday started too early for me. Chennai central railway station, I was running on the platform number 4 at around six in the morning to catch Sapthagiri express. Somehow managed to jump in which...