Bird watching @ Manchanabele 12

Bird watching @ Manchanabele

When Shashank asked me whether I want to join him for a bird shooting @ Manchanabele, I immediately said yes. Eventhough I didn’t had proper equipment to shoot birds, I joined him as it...

Goa Calling!!! 8

Goa Calling!!!

Finally its happening, long ride. Ready and excited for the long ride to Goa. Reason, Bike Nomads (or simply BNs) Annual meet is happening in Goa this Oct 1st. Nine nomads from Bangalore are...

BN's Breakfast Ride 7

BN's Breakfast Ride

10-Sep-06, 0645:All the BNs were assembled in the starting point at Nandi Toyota showroom. No delay in reporting there. Thats the passion to ride. Dr. Prithvi took the attendance, all present 9 riders and...