To The Less Known Hoysala Kingdom

Do you long for the feel of the rain brushing against you? Do you relish being out when it rains? And would you enjoy a dose of history to go with the freshness of the monsoon?
Then come and join us for the rainy-season edition of the tour of “Less Known Hoysala Kingdom”. We are heading to the fringes of Malnad. See the only Hoysala Temple that has not one but four shrines. Visit the beautiful tank with small shrines all around the water, surrounded by coconut trees in a quiet village. See the remains of the ancient town of Dwarasamudra strewn with carved rocks in a large open space.

It’s not me who’s travelling on the Hoysala trail, but Arun & Lakshmi, fellow travel bloggers are organising a two day tour to less known temples of Hoysala Kingdom on July 4th and 5th. For more details on the tour & registeration, click here.