Travelling on the bus top #2

I had posted couple of photos taken from the bus top – journey between Hosagadde and Kargal in Shimogga district.

During my last visit to Sharavathi valley (in Feb’08, we trekked from Kanoor to Nagavalli) we did that again. Same bus, same driver-conductor duo, but for a longer distance. We travelled on the bus top from Nagavalli to Kargal this time.

Mridula’s post reminded me of these photos taken in Feb. And that means, it’s time complete that long pending trek log. And also it’s time to go on a trek 🙂


  1. MridulaDecember 15, 2008

    So were there any branches to duck for? When we traveled on the top, even the top was crowded!

  2. perplexedDecember 15, 2008

    it looks like so much fun!!…i ALWAYS wanted to do this… a fantasy of mine!…will surely do it someday!!!

  3. VamseeDecember 16, 2008

    That looks like a lot of fun!!

  4. Prashanth MDecember 20, 2008

    @Mridula, not many. But we were tired after a two day trek. So we utilized this journey time by sleeping on the top.

    @perplexed, @Vamsee thanks for the visit.


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