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In the land of Shakespeare

It was almost lunch time when we got down from the bus at Stratford-upon-Avon, birth place of Shakespeare. Stratford-upon-Avon was the second stop of the day with limited time to explore the small town...

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Blueness of Ryde Beach

Whenever there is a travel plan on the cards, it can be of any extreme – from ‘a completely planned one with attention to minute detail’ to ‘Heck! I’m going out, don’t where!’. Our...

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Castles of Scotland

If you live in the UK for quite long time and don’t visit any castle, then it’s a unpardonable offense. Being someone who loves architecture and historical places, I didn’t want to miss this...

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Flying trains of Linlithgow

Time was close to midnight and still there was no sight of sleep despite being a long day. The day started at four in the morning at Coventry with a long six hours drive...

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A taste of Snow storm

“I’m disappointed that we were not air-lifted today”, someone in the group quipped while we were boarding the train back to Aberdeen at Inverness. Everyone laughed heartily on that comment and there was no...