India Travel Bucket List

Moving my India travel bucket list into a page from the original post that I created here. I’ll keep updating my progress and also any further additions to the list on this page 🙂

  1. Southern triangle motorbike ride – Bangalore – Chennai – Kanyakumari – Mangalore – Bangalore
  2. Cycling – go on a month-long (at least) bike ride
  3. Visit all the 42 World Heritage Sites in India recognized UNESCO – 3 down 39 to go
  4. The Hoysala trail – explore the Hoysala temples
  5. Backpack at least for a couple of weeks exploring Karnataka
  6. Go on desert trek in Rajasthan
  7. Participate in Tiger/Elephant census
  8. Volunteer travel
  9. Summit a 6000m peak
  10. River rafting
  11. Visit all 28 states and 8 Union territories of India – 7 & 1 done respectively
  12. Visit at least 3 interesting places in each of 31 districts of Karnataka
  13. Zero travel for 15 days/a month – Start with 0 money. Earn, beg, barrow en-route
  14. Visit top 10 highest waterfalls of India
  15. Visit Lonar crater lake
  16. Go on a beach trek
  17. Visit the 4 extreme points of India
  18. Traverse along the river Kaveri, from source to the river mouth – if possible, by cycle?

Last updated on: 20-Sep-2023

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  1. Hi ..could you please write blog posts about which of these places you have visited!

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