I Was Here: Agumbe 7

I Was Here: Agumbe

Driving around the western ghats, I was here at Agumbe on a cloudy evening. Visiting this place during October and chances of getting a glimpse of the beautiful sunset is very less. I was...


Let there be sunlight

A driveway in Ulverston, from my previous visit. Like most of the people who live or lived in Bangalore, one of things I like most about Bangalore is the weather, especially ‘winter’. Nothing can...

Blackbucks of Maidanahalli 7

Blackbucks of Maidanahalli

From my long list of places-to-visit list, I managed to tick one more place. The blackbucks reserve in Maidanahalli in Tumkur district (official name: Jayamangali Blackbucks Reserve) was in my list for a long...