Kabbaldurga: Second visit & more photos

Friday evening and I had no plans for the weekend. Just when I was running out of options on what to do, I got a message “I’m planning to hike Kabbaldurga again. Do you want to join?”. This was about 8-9 months after our adventure at the small but mighty Kabbaldurga. I jumped in (who says no to a hike/trek!!) and another friend decided to join us. While the last visit was just at the beginning of the monsoon, this it time summer was approaching.

In just a matter of 8 to 9 months, there was lot of differences in the surroundings. The temple and another small shrine at the top had got a fresh coat of painting (we were there after the annual fair this time), a lot less greener and warmer than the last time. Most scary part was the quarrying at the foothill that was at full swing. A huge area of the rock had disappeared!

Here are some of the photos from both the first visit and the second one.

In case if you are planning to hike Kabbalduga, try to avoid the monsoon period. The rocky surface of the hillock becomes very slippery and makes a scary adventure for you guys.

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  1. Hi Prashanth,
    However, landscape with thin misty sky backdrop looks enthralling. Who won’t love to hike through such land and that also with like-minded people? You have captured them nicely.

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