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Future Smart Trucks: Features I would like to see

While growing up during school days, Trucks and Tanker lorries always demanded our undivided attention. Most of our time while cycling between home and school was spent looking at those monstrous vehicles zooming past...

payaniga: Mookanamane falls 10

Mookana mane falls in Monsoon

What was supposed to be a weekend trip to the canyons of Gandikota, the plan turned on its head and it turned out to be an impromptu trip towards Sakaleshpura. Day one was to...

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Renault Lodgy: More photos

Here are some more photos of Renault Lodgy that I clicked during the LiveLodgyacal event in Goa last month. I shortlisted these photos to publish along with the review of the car, but decided...

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Renault Lodgy: Review

It is better to warn you before you continue reading. This is my first attempt at writing about a car. Though I like driving and long drives, I’m not someone dig deep into technical...