Bekal Fort

It was noon when we reached Bekal fort. Wrong time & season – noon & summer – to visit Bekal. The place was almost deserted, with few people here and there. After roaming around the fort – peeping into the (now closed) tunnel, observation tower – we went down to the beach. Sea in this part is a bit rough & not safe for getting into water as lot of rocks are there in the beach.

The fort – the biggest in Kerala, is close to 450 years old & spear over forty acres. Bekal fort was built by Keladi Nayakas post Battle of Taalikote. And main intention of building the fort was for fulfilling defense requirements. And in our era Bekal shot into fame again after a song sequence from the movie Bombay was shot here, so much that when one hears the word Bekal, next word which comes to mind will be Bombay.

Heat & the humidity was brutal. To add to the misery, I forgot to carry my hat that day. Just as we climbed our way back to the fort from beach, those two ladies selling cool drinks & soda appeared to us as angels. Gulped down couple of masala sodas & then headed towards our vehicle.

Continuation of my West Coast ride story.


  1. LakshmiAugust 6, 2008


    Im off to the west coast next weekend..mainly pilgrimage far is this place from Mangalore and are the roads good ? Just wanted to know if we could squeeze it in the trip

  2. Vivek MAugust 8, 2008

    the beaches look absolutely inviting Prashanth. Must surely go there sometime…

  3. Prashanth MAugust 9, 2008

    @Lakshmi, Bekal is around 50 KMs from Mangalore.

    @Vivek, do visit the place…

  4. Lokesh KumarApril 15, 2010

    Good Snaps. Kasorgod district consists of lot many things apart from bekal fort & beach. Ranipuram hillstation….a good spot for trekking lovers, Overnight cruise(boat house)…..not exactly remembered the place name, it will be nearly 10KM south to Kanhangad & famous mathur ganapathi temple in Kasorgod. You can find some good snaps and more info


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