Enchanting Melkote

When we started off towards the temple town ‘Melukote’ (Melkote or Yadavagiri or Yadugiri) on a summer day, to be greeted by the misty morning. Our prayers for the same climate went in vain as the temperature soared later. We stopped at couple of places for photo sessions & reached in time for the breakfast.

After savouring the delicious ‘Puliyogare’, we roamed around the place – Cheluva Narayanaswamy temple, akka-tangi kola, Dhanushkoti (there is one here also), Raya Gopura & then Yoga Narasimhaswamy temple (situated on top of the hill).

What amazes me is the number of pushkarinis (kalyani or man made water-body) in a town situated on a hill. And that too most of them filled with water during peak summer.

The day we were there in Melukote was the last day of 10th board exams. A bunch of guys directly came out of the examination hall and jumped into the water to beat the heat & also to celebrate the end of exams 😉

How to reach there:

Bangalore – Mandya – turn right after 4 KMs from Mandya – Jakkanahalli Cross – Melukote


Bangalore – Kunigal – Bellur Cross – Nagamangala – Jakkanahalli Cross – Melukote


  1. ArunSeptember 11, 2008

    some excellent images there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. CuckooSeptember 12, 2008

    Pictures are wonderful as always. You had published them earlier also. Right ?

    BTW, read your tip off at BB ( I am a member there) for that plagiarism post. Do you think it'll stop ? I myself am a victim to it umpteen no. of times.

    Have commented on manasa's blog & the thief's blog also.

  3. The DrifterSeptember 14, 2008

    great shots…

  4. Prashanth MSeptember 14, 2008

    @Arun, thanks & welcome back to B'lore 😉

    @Cuckoo, Thanks. No, I'm publishing these photos for the first time.
    And regd. plagiarism there is not end to that 🙁

    @The Drifter, thanks & welcome.

  5. Susheel SandeepSeptember 14, 2008

    Oh nam area kade bandidra! 🙂

    fotos ciMci guruve…

  6. MadhukeshSeptember 15, 2008

    Mast pics ..

  7. KadalabalSeptember 18, 2008

    a nice narration and I am back with my memories of visit to melkote. u hv penned it to perfection and supported with beautiful snaps. keep travellig and we keep reading and viewing
    have a good day

  8. ManasaSeptember 19, 2008

    Amazing pics..Summer day, when had u been there?

    Thanks for posting abt the post on plagiarism to BB. That person who stole has apologized n removed my blog post.

  9. Prashanth MSeptember 21, 2008

    @Susheel @Madhukesh @Pranes sir, thanks.

    @Manasa, thanks. I was there on Apr 1st week

  10. LakshmiSeptember 23, 2008

    enchanting is the right word to describe your pictures..somehow I have never been able to go to Melkote

  11. RajanSeptember 24, 2008

    Nice narrative! Small temples that dot the landscape of India, especially in the south, have something about them that always strike a chord in me.

  12. payaniga.comSeptember 27, 2008

    @Lakshmi, thanks. do visit the place. Make sure that you are not going there in summer 🙂

    @Rajan, thanks for the visit

  13. VENU VINODSeptember 30, 2008

    nice pics prashant especially the first, second and 6th ones….

  14. payaniga.comOctober 3, 2008

    Thanks Venu


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