Falling in love with Waterfalls

Best thing to beat the heat in summer, is to just sit under a waterfall. This summer I got chance to visit & sit under 5 falls in a span of two months and all of them situated in western ghats. Here goes the list of them –

#1 Mookana mane Abbi fallsFirst dip of the year during our weekend bike trip around Sakaleshpur. Falls is not too high & water is not too deep. Just perfect. Perfect to get a free body massage. And my personal favorite.

#2 Bheemeshwara falls
We were there at the wrong time. Water was coming down as if someone forgot to stop the kitchen tap. Still to beat the heat, we sat under falls with water falling on us drop by drop. By the explanations from others who had visited earlier, I plan to visit it post monsoon.

#3 Dabbe fallsAn amazing falls, water jumping from a height of 300 ft. And only one & difficult path to reach it. Totally different experience when compared to Mookana mane falls. There it was body massage session and here it was acupuncture session. 🙂

#4 Jog FallsHighest water falls in India, falling from a height of 900ft. Again here also water was less when we visited, which gave us an option to sit under the falls. Arun has a beautiful picture of Jog captured in monsoon

#5 Somavathi fallsSmallest in the list & the place where we had more fun. The falls was just 8-10ft height, but slippery. Everyone who got into water fell down at least once. Step ahead, slip down, have a good laugh and wait for others to step ahead & fall. This cycle went on for whole time we were in water. This falls is near Mullodi village, on the trek path to Kuduremukha peak starting from Basurikallu gate.

Let me add a last one to the list, the one which I visited in December 2006 – Soochippara falls in Wayanad, Kerala.

Monsoon is in its full fury. Most of the water falls are going to be full and wild in few days. It’s time to sit at a far & safe distance and watch them roaring.


  1. Well, Prashanth, I’m waiting for you to go somewhere! Such lovely pictures (specially the slow-speed-soft-shot of the waterfall.)

  2. Good one! Even I have been meaning to do a waterfalls post for long. Will get around to writing it soon. 🙂

  3. Looks good. I miss the days of bathing in waterfalls in India . I loved abbey falls in Coorg

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