Fog filled Jog Falls

PAYANIGA - Jog Falls

I have been to Jog falls quite a few times, but not in monsoon. When I visited Jog falls last October, the presence of fog made that place completely mesmerizing. Layers of fog floating all around us, making the whole falls disappear and bringing it back, providing us different views every time.

PAYANIGA - Jog FallsTrees immersed in fog.

PAYANIGA - Jog FallsPart of the falls as seen from British bungalow view point or popularly known as ‘Mungaru male’ point.

PAYANIGA - Jog FallsMist covered trees as seen from British bungalow view point.

PAYANIGA - Jog FallsDo you see the falls?? It’s just right behind that tree & er, the fog.

PAYANIGA - Jog FallsSee, there it is.

PAYANIGA - Jog Falls


  1. What a heavenly beauty. I yearn to be one with this place. Mesmerising. Can I borrow your last picture in this post for my blog. I’ll post it with some poetry. Permission granted? 🙂

  2. Superb pictures!!There seems to be a calmness residing in that place. The path amidst fog looks wonderful.

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