Good Bye, England

Good Bye, England

My three months stay in England has come to an end. I’m flying home in a few hours. During this three months I managed day visits to Bath Spa, Avebury and Oxford, a weekend at London and then 1200 miles long drive covering Scotland & Lake district in four days. That means, I’ve got loads of stories to share!

On the other front, I sold off my good-old Nikon D70s and after being loyal to Nikon for five full years, switched to Canon.

That’s it for now. See you all back in India 🙂


  1. welcome back to india. the switch is some news too … especially being a canon loyal for a while now 🙂

    but i thought, now is the time when nikon is catching up with canon and this becomes an even bigger news. which cam / lens did u buy?

  2. Welcome back and I look forward to your posts on England and Scotland.

    On the subject of Nikon and Canon…even I am interested in finding out why you switched.

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