I Was Here: Irpu Falls

My first visit to Irpu Falls was in October 2007, during a two-day bike ride in Coorg. I was there again this April. There were quite considerable changes between these two visits – prominent being the amount of water. My first visit was just after the monsoon & the latest being in the middle of summer.
Irpu falls
One other major change was the man-made metal ramp below the falls. So that people can walk right under the falls & enjoy the water. That means more people visiting the place, more litter and complete loss of tranquility.
Irpu falls
First visit to Irpu falls was on motorbike and second in a four wheeler. Hope to visit the place next time on my bicycle 🙂
PS: First photo was taken in Oct’07 and second in Apr’10


    1. Rajesh, irony is the ramp has been built so that devotees can take a holy bath!!!
      Sandeep, no. Saw the board there. Inquired about getting permissions in that ticket counter. But no info available there. Need to check in Srimangala forest office.

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