Let there be sunlight

sunlight - Ulverston, CumbriaA driveway in Ulverston, from my previous visit.

Like most of the people who live or lived in Bangalore, one of the things I like most about Bangalore is the weather, especially ‘winter’. Nothing can beat the warmth one gets walking/sipping a cup of coffee sitting in the Sun on a Bangalore winter day.

Now here I am looking out of my office window in this coastal city of Scotland for some sunny and clear cloudless days. It’s been ten days since I landed here, and yesterday was the first day I got a glimpse of Sun. Out I went on a walk along the banks of river Don, only to come back quickly all shivering due to cold and wind (I forgot my gloves and cap as I got excited seeing the Sun god after a long time).

Now wonder, sunlight is a rare commodity here. Hope there will be more clear sky & sunny days ahead. Fingers crossed.

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  1. I hope you see bright days ahead! I can completely relate to your state and I spent a long time living in Seattle, which used to worse…clouds and drizzle for 9 months a year…

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