London Glimpses: London Underground

For any tourist visiting London, experiencing the London Underground service is a must, along with all those tourist attractions flocked by every visitor. I would say even if you don’t visit any of the attractions, travelling in the tubes should not be missed. For the first time, it is confusing for sure – eastbound, westbound, different tube lines – a perfect tangle. With a tube map in hand and after a couple of rides, one gets used to the bustling train rides. Here are some of the glimpses.
“Mind the gap” 🙂

PAYANIGA - London UndergroundBuskers are a common sight. Their number increases over the weekend.

PAYANIGA - London UndergroundEscalators, on the move along with the trains

PAYANIGA - London Underground

PAYANIGA - London UndergroundAdvertisements, another common sight on the walls in the underground.

PAYANIGA - London Underground

PAYANIGA - London UndergroundThe London bus, another principal icon of London. The red busses complement the underground tubes for a seamless transport system.

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