Photos from my recent visit to Sringeri, Goddess Sharada’s abode. Nothing much to say from my side, enjoy the photos 🙂

Sringeri | PAYANIGASilhouette – Lord Vidya Shankara temple

Sringeri | PAYANIGATunga River

Sringeri | PAYANIGAView from the other side of the river

Sringeri | PAYANIGAFishes, as seen from the bridge.

Sringeri | PAYANIGAAnother silhouete – Temple of Goddess Sharadamba

More details about Sringeri & it’s history –


  1. first photo is brilliant! little more light on the temple walls would have created more dramatic impact!
    nevertheless I enjoyed all your photos!

  2. Not to forget the fishes snap is so nice, so clear… just like an arial view of Bangalore International Airport, haphazardly organised one 😉

  3. Hi

    Came here through Backpakker’s blog.. i find this place very peaceful and calm.. we visit here couple of times a year.. me tho maybe once…:)

    lovely pics and cool site u got here~~

  4. Thanks Suresh. For the first photo I deliberately did that to get silhouette effect.

    Srik, thanks & corrected the name 🙂

    Thanks for the visit – backpakker & flyingstars.

    Aaarti, welcome to payaniga

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