Photos from my recent visit to Sringeri, Goddess Sharada’s abode. Nothing much to say from my side, enjoy the photos 🙂

Silhouette – Sri Vidyashankara temple
River Tunga
View from the other side of the river
Fishes, as seen from the bridge
Another silhouete – Temple of Goddess Sharadamba

You can find more details about Sringeri and it’s history on the Sringeri Peetha website


  1. first photo is brilliant! little more light on the temple walls would have created more dramatic impact!
    nevertheless I enjoyed all your photos!

  2. Not to forget the fishes snap is so nice, so clear… just like an arial view of Bangalore International Airport, haphazardly organised one 😉

  3. Hi

    Came here through Backpakker’s blog.. i find this place very peaceful and calm.. we visit here couple of times a year.. me tho maybe once…:)

    lovely pics and cool site u got here~~

  4. Thanks Suresh. For the first photo I deliberately did that to get silhouette effect.

    Srik, thanks & corrected the name 🙂

    Thanks for the visit – backpakker & flyingstars.

    Aaarti, welcome to payaniga

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