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Castles of Scotland

If you live in the UK for quite long time and don’t visit any castle, then it’s a unpardonable offense. Being someone who loves architecture and historical places, I didn’t want to miss this...

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Flying trains of Linlithgow

Time was close to midnight and still there was no sight of sleep despite being a long day. The day started at four in the morning at Coventry with a long six hours drive...

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A taste of Snow storm

“I’m disappointed that we were not air-lifted today”, someone in the group quipped while we were boarding the train back to Aberdeen at Inverness. Everyone laughed heartily on that comment and there was no...

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So long, Aberdeen

The very first time I heard about Aberdeen was around July 2009. That was the time I was trying to settling into the fast and busy life of London. For someone like me who...

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Catalina, the flying boat

More than the display of Vulcans and F16s at the Luechars airshow, what interested me more was the slowest of all the planes, Catalina. Used widely during World War 2, Consolidated PBY Catalina is...