So long, Aberdeen

So long, Aberdeen

The very first time I heard about Aberdeen was around July 2009. That was the time I was trying to settling into the fast and busy life of London. For someone like me who prefers a slow and peaceful small place, London was not a preferable choice. That meant browsing through google maps looking into different small places around UK. That’s when I first got to know about Aberdeen. Little did I know that, one and half year later I would be standing outside the Aberdeen airport on a cold winter evening waiting for a taxi. During the interview a month before, I was caught without any answer when my manager asked me, ‘Why of all the places are you coming here?’ referring to the cold weather which had gone down all the way to -16 degree C.

I was all eyes when the flight was landing in the Aberdeen airport, looking out for snow. Having missed snow previous winter, I was disappointed again. Within a month which had seen -16 degrees, all the snow was gone. Nevertheless, I managed to almost get stranded in a snow storm in Aviemore an year later. During these almost 500 days of my stay here, I visited quite a few interesting places, witnessed my first ever airshow, went on a short hike, visited plenty of castles.

After 16 months of my stay here, I flying back home. I am going to miss this place (not the weather though), friends, long walks along the river Don, getting fooled by daylight during summer thinking that its still 6PM eventhough time is past 10PM, the zombie walk back home from work in the dark during the winter days, get togethers with friends, traffic less roads and many more. With office located road across the runway, watching out of the window to see the flights taking off and landing will be missed the most. (Posts to follow on all these trips)

So long and thanks for all the fish.


  1. I think that’s the beauty of Aberdeen. We all crib about its weather and greyness till we are here and the moment we step out, we start missing it !!!

  2. I had left a comment here. Where has it gone? Check your spam pls.
    Anyway, if you’ve read my super shot post, you know you are tagged. 😛

    1. It was flagged for moderation because of the link in the comment.
      Read your post. I have been super busy after I moved back to India. Will try to have a post over the weekend 🙂

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