A Coracle Ride Across The River Kapila

A Coracle Ride Across The River Kapila

“Come over sir, I’ll take you to the other side of the river. It’s safe to play in water & take bath” called the boatman, while we were looking for some place on the crowded bank of river Kapila. Though it was 3.30PM the place was crowded, few devotees & many other trying to beat the summer heat. We decided to cross the river on the coracle to avoid the crowd & it was worth the decision. While my friends were enjoying playing in the water, I sat on the sand repenting for not bringing an extra set of clothes.

A Coracle Ride Across The River Kapila

We started from Bangalore a bit late at 11AM as drive was completely unplanned. We had no particular destination for the day, as our idea was to spend a day with friends. We were in no hurry & took our own time to cover the distance from Bangalore to Mysore. After the lunch break at Maddur, we decided to visit Nanjanagudu. We reached the place by 3.30. Another hour spent in playing in the river Kapila. And then we paid a visit to Srikanteshwara temple (temple of Lord Shiva).

A Coracle Ride Across The River Kapila

Nanjangud is a temple town and is on the banks of the river Kapila (a.k.a Kabini). The place is 23 km from Mysore & around 160KMs from Bangalore. The temple of Lord Srikanteswara was built by the Gangas in 9th century. Nanjanagudu is also famous for ‘rasabaaLe’, a variety of banana & at one point of time (during late 80s) the place was also famous for the ‘Nanjanagudu tooth powder’.

A Coracle Ride Across The River Kapila

By the time we started back from Nanjanagudu, our stomachs started grumbling which reminded us of the food which one of us had packed from home. We found a peaceful place – an old temple in the middle of paddy fields. We finished the food & spent some more time watching the Sun going down. And then we headed back home.

A Coracle Ride Across The River Kapila

Though the coracle ride was of short duration, it was fun sailing on the smoothly flowing river. It was as if sitting in a cradle. Only if we had a coracle ride all the way back home to Bangalore from Nanjanagudu 🙂


  1. Hi, that must have been a funfilled holiday nice to hear on the coracle ride and i sure say i too did enjoy mine at kabini backwaters…..

  2. Yes, the sweetest banana I have ever had is of the Nanjangud variety!I remember having a bunch of them on my way back from Chamarajanagar.

  3. super sakkath maja maaDirbEku avattu, alla..? 🙂

    pathi bEku antha pose maaDtiddna athava neene haage tegdiyo?

    and vikki hEge ODistaane gaaDi? 😉

  4. musth maja maadthangide. nangu illi sakkath bore aagogide. yavaga Bengalurige barthino antha kaytha iddeeni. sooper photos pachcha. photos nodidre inna jaasthi hotte uriyuthe 😉

  5. as usual.. photos chennagide, kathenu chennagide :). nanu monne hogidde nanjangudige, adare devasthanakke hoglilla. bandupurakke hogi huli nodkondu bande 🙂

  6. @tuskerwoods, yes it was fun! Kabini is one place which is long pending in my list 🙂

    @vivek, completely agree with you

    @Shreyas, maja to the power of infinity :p

    @Indu, bega bandubidappa vaapas neenoonu 🙂

    @DCM, hoon ninna blog post nodide huli kathedu

    @mahesh, its not me. I was behind the camera.

  7. HI Prashant,
    I want to go for a ride on Kapila. How far is it Nanjanagud? Please let me know the route. Thanks in advance

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