A Visit to Mallalli Falls

Mallalli falls near Kumara Parvatha

After a disappointing day the previous day, we woke up to witness a beautiful & peaceful morning. All of us were in a good mood for two reasons. One, rain god was in a good mood and spared us from getting drenched the second as well. Two, a visit to Mallalli falls was on the cards. We repacked our backpacks, thanked our hosts & started back towards Beedalli. We were bit late to reach the place & we missed the bus again. Luckily a jeep was available and owner of the jeep agreed to take us to Mallalli falls & then drop us at Somavarpet.

Mallalli falls near Kumara Parvatha

To reach Mallalli falls, one has to take a deviation at Hanchinalli. Hanchinalli comes 2 KMs before Beedalli when travelling from Somavarpet towards Beedalli. From Hanchinalli it’s a bumpy jeep track for 2 to 3 KMs. And then a walk for almost a kilometer. It was completely misty even at 11 in the morning. The end of wonderful walk brought us to the view point which gives us a majestic view of the falls. Though we had lots of time, we decided not to go down to the foot of the falls, as it was very slippery on the rocks.

Mallalli falls near Kumara Parvatha

We spent a quality time over there, enjoying the roaring waterfalls. And then headed back home. A jeep journey till Somavarpet, a quick lunch & then back to Bangalore by bus. End of another wonderful weekend & still Kumara Parvatha peak unconquered.

My visits to some of the waterfalls during my wanderings:


  1. great coverage and photos are excellant on a misty noon. your unfinished task of kumara parvats is still haunting you we wish you will make it a reality once winter is over may be in 2008 feb/march all the best


  2. The falls look lovely and it is so sensible not to take risks on these trips. So glad to hear you all stayed away from the slippery rocks.

  3. the pictures are breathtaking!

    the spirit of adventure and the accompanying experiences add such huge value to life. they help build resilience and strurdiness against all odds in life!

    keep adding to the wonderful experiences and let the pics keep coming that inspire others to follow your foot steps (literally :))

  4. Super pics dude. From my home it is just 5-6 kms. Awesome place for week end trip. Many people dont know much abt this due to lack of publicity. Stay in Pushpa giri gives you a awesome expirience.
    Let me tell you one thing. Every year (one village from this Hobli) should represent that Hobli in seeking for rain with god. This normally happens during April end or May month. Night we should go and stay in temple (Pushpagiri). Early morning at 4am after performing pooja we should move towards giri(hill). Once we cross 4-5 kms we will get one river. Here we need to take bath. Once getting fresh, we will start towards giri. At the top of the giri, we need to perform pooja (seeking for good rain ) and we should start searching for a specific stone available around temple. If you found that stone, it seems like that you are gifted by god. From this place you can see Kukke Subramanya, even there is a way to reach that place. View from this place is like as though you are standing on top of the world. There is also a place which is very very deep. It tries to pull you due to high wind. After having prasadam we will be back to temple and again some poojas will be performed. Awesome exp. Superup for trekking.

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