Along the Green Aisle

It’s been a couple of days since I came back from a weekend ride in Coorg region, arranged by Cycling and More. An awesome ride up the Mandalapatti peak on day one covering around 45KMs and another 35 on day two all the way till Chikli hole dam near Kushalanagar. Here are some highlights before I come up with the detailed story –

PAYANIGA - Along the Green Aisle

  • Full day of riding in rain (it was as if riding the bike with shower turned on above the helmet)
  • Mist, mist and mist – everywhere
  • Eye pleasing greenery of Western ghats, when mist gave way for few seconds every now and then
  • Demanding climb up the Mandalapatti hill
  • Awesome rolling terrain – push the bike uphill, sit on the saddle and ‘Wheeee’ go down with glee like a kid. Repeat the cycle.
  • Slush-fest – it took me more than 30 minutes to clean my white shoes. But it is not white anymore.
  • Leech bites, non-stop bleeding and now a day after itching all over
  • Made new friends, met a college batchmate after 10 years
  • A long downhill of 10KMs of pure bliss on second day
  • And to top this off, a dip in Chikli hole dam 🙂


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