1. wow .. congrats man .. very nice to see that your writings are going places .. keep it up up up ..

  2. Oh! It was your article! Today while reading DH spectrum, I saw ‘Kaidala’ in the headline, I didn’t read it because I had already read about it in your blog! Had absolutely no idea that it was written by you. Congratulations….


  3. @Sankar, @Subbu, @Srinidhi, @Anu Thanks…

    @Sandeep, Thank. BTW same link is already mentioned in the post. Anyways added at the bottom again 🙂

    @Neelima Thanks.

    @Rajesh, it happens. Same place & story but different article 🙂

  4. Nice write up!Good work keep it up.
    BTW i am a regular follower of ur blog…

  5. Congrats on getting published! Nice article…great that you visit and write about these little known places.

  6. certainly this place would come to lime light soon. We only need someone to explore and let others know.

    Thanks a lot to you… 🙂

  7. hi prashanth, congrats, though quite a delayed one….
    isn’t this the same one which was in the news for the idol was destroyed by one of the villagers due to a quarrel between the two families? how could he have the heart to do it….
    so has the idol been restored? whats the status?

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