Blueness of Ryde Beach

Whenever there is a travel plan on the cards, it can be of any extreme – from ‘a completely planned one with attention to minute detail’ to ‘Heck! I’m going out, don’t where!’. Our trip to Isle of Wight on a long weekend was much more closer to the one with attention to details. And surprisingly, everyone in the group sort of adhered to the ground rules, and lo & behold! we were left with few hours to spare before we had our ferry back to the main land. So much for planning and having some buffer time!! But thanks to the ground work done, we had few places in our list for such instance. We chose to loiter around Ryde beach as we were closer to the beach (well every place is at a short distance in this small island 🙂

The place where I almost got stranded 🙂

It was around noon when we reached the beach. We were welcomed to a clear blue sky and it was a low tide the time we stepped on to the beach. The water was way behind with plenty of sand lying between us. After roaming around for a while and when everyone else got busy, I decided to take a walk all the way to the water edge and it was a long walk. At the edge, I found a dry elevated place to sit down and lost myself along the blueness everywhere around. A much-needed break after roaming around and travelling for two & half days. The receded water was slowly coming back, I moved a step backward along its pace & got lost. After spending close to an hour, I realised that I was stranded in a slightly elevated patch of land with water all over! But the place being bit shallow, I waded back unwillingly to the shore in knee-deep water.


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