My India Travel Bucket List

Update: I’ve created a page to track/update my progress on this bucket list. All further updates will be done here – India Travel Bucket List page.

My India Travel Bucket ListRecently while talking to fellow travel enthusiasts and discussing some memorable trips done and the ones in to-do list, I realized that I had not prepared a proper travel bucket list. Though I have a long list of places to visit (that too lying around in multiple places), I thought of prioritizing and making a travel bucket list specific to India. I’m limiting myself to the boundaries of India and not thinking about ROW list at the moment. Here goes my list – some of them very simple, few added in a whim and a few of them are clichéd.

The list is pretty short and bound to grow as and when I get to know about interesting places around India. Drop me a line if you have any interesting places or things to do in India.

  1. Southern triangle motorbike ride – Bangalore – Chennai – Kanyakumari – Mangalore – Bangalore
  2. Cycling – Go on a month-long (at least) bike ride
  3. Visit all 29 World Heritage Sites in India recognized UNESCO – 1 down 28 to go
  4. The Hoysala trail – explore the Hoysala temples
  5. Backpack at least for a couple of weeks exploring Karnataka
  6. Go on desert trek in Rajasthan
  7. Participate in Tiger/Elephant census
  8. Volunteer travel
  9. Summit a 6000m peak
  10. River rafting
  11. Visit all 29 states and 7 Union territories of India – 7 & 1 done respectively
  12. Visit at least 3 interesting places in each of 30 districts of Karnataka
  13. Zero travel for 15 days/a month – Start with 0 money. Earn, beg, barrow enroute
  14. Visit top 10 highest waterfalls of India
  15. Visit Lonar crater lake
  16. Go on a beach trek
  17. Visit the 4 extreme points of India
  18. Traverse along the river Kaveri, from source to the river mouth

Just to clarify, this is not the complete list of places that I would like to visit, but a short list of “must” do/go within India. Help me out extending this list. 🙂

I’ve created a page to track/update my progress on this bucket list. For all further updates, head over here – India Travel Bucket List

Last updated on: 01-Dec-2014


  1. I remember, earlier also you had put one such list & we discussed it in comment section. 🙂
    Out of these I think I’ll strike off a few, just not into them.
    #3 for me as well. Which one have you done here? I’ve done 17 out of these. 🙂
    I’ll come along with you for #13. 🙂
    For me, the ones which are pending, will happen slowly. I am a slow traveler…. prefer to soak in a place 🙂

  2. Very short list. If you do most of these it will be an achievement in itself. Visiting all the forts connected to Tippu sultan, riding/cycling on the roads of Leh and Ladakh and so on.

    1. Keeping it short was quite difficult. Though short list, few of them need loads of time to complete.
      If I include places I would love to cycle, that list goes endless. Probably I should come up with another list related to cycling 😀

  3. No. 3 is going to take alot of time in itself…but you should consider north of India too…try Varanasi

    1. Yes, there are two-three along with #3 which take quite a lot of time. Varanasi, need to think about that part of the country.
      BTw thanks for the visit & comment, Sugandha.

  4. lot of crazy ideas indeed! i did something recently, and its fun..Board the first bus and go to the final destination, spend some time and then board another bus with a destination unknown 🙂 – and i did it in a lungi/dhoti 😀

    1. When it comes to craziness, I’m no where near to your ideas. Now coming to travelling to destination unknown – that’s included in my #13 😀

  5. Nice List.
    Rather than going on a beach trek, you can make it as visit all the beaches of India and decide the best. I have such a wish though. Like the idea of longest train journey in general class as well.

  6. Going to some offbeat places might be good ideas for you. Apart from crowd, and in a peace place you can visit these five (And my favourite too) destinations of India.
    Malana, Himachal Pradesh
    Balasinor, Gujarat

  7. Some list…! Try to combine a few of them like backpacking and cycling and you will accomplish much faster….but it is your personal thing… All the best.. .Safe Travels…

  8. As you are planning to travel across India, here is a website, which is a travel portal which has a very detailed information of stay-options (homestays) and sight-seeing places around.

  9. Hi, try to go for a trip to Kerala and spend few day and night in houseboats there. It’s an awesome experience to cheer.

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